Thursday, 19 January 2012

Me making mountains out of molehills (again)

I'm always doing it - putting off tasks because they seem so ENORMOUS and difficult and I tell myself I can't POSSIBLY do them today because I simply haven't enough time...

And then, when I settle myself down to do them, they take hardly any time at all and I wonder why I was making such a song and dance about it all.

It must be the Julie Andrews in me.

So, yesterday, I wrote a logline for a feature film idea that's been swimming around in my brain and entered it into a contest (I can't tell you what it is or I might have to kill you)

Then, I tidied up my story, The Great Wheelie Bin Robbery - as featured, in audio form, on Fun Kids - a UK children's digital radio station. I've had lots of requests for a book version so what am I playing at, creating new stuff when this is already so popular?

Then I sent the manuscript off to a literary agent. Easy-peasy! Now I only have to sit back and wait...and wait...

And today...I'm probably going to create some more mountains and be eaten by a giant mole.

Because I never learn.