Friday, 27 January 2012

If you want something done, ask a busy person

At the moment, that busy person is ME.

(Cue hoots of bitter laughter from Peter, who is at a loss to understand how someone who 'plays with horses' every morning and finds time to go running, and circuit training in the evenings can call themselves busy, can say they've been working very hard.)

I know I haven't a traditional 9 - 5 job and I know I'm SO lucky to have the life that I do, but I DO work hard at everything I undertake (including keeping fit and taking care of the horses.)

This week, I've been working on:
  • an animation script for a pharmaceutical company
  • a re-branding exercise for a building company
  • a travel brochure for Virgin
  • website proof-reading and editing for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
...then yesterday, I was asked if I'd consider writing material for a company who run private psychiatric hospitals (BIG job, quite a bit of travelling) - meeting in London next Wednesday...

(What an extraordinary week it's been!)

THEN there's my own writing...

THEN there's the greeting card business I'm hoping to set up, as a result of so many people loving my Alfie card at Christmas. I'm flying off to a meeting about that as soon as I've finished this.

Working hard? Busy person?

I'm just going to check my e-mail and go on Facebook for a bit. Ergo, I CAN'T be.