Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ah, but you should have seen me last Tuesday!

The end of a quotation by Jules Renard (known to his close friends as Julie Fox) - French writer, most famous for the 1894 work, Poil de Carotte (Carrot Top)

Of course! THAT Jules Renard. He's not that good-looking so here's a picture of a fox instead.

Adorable, fluffy little creature (except when decapitating chickens or carrying off new born lambs clenched between his bloodied jaws)

The full quotation from Jules Renard is this:

"We are born at the rise of the curtain and we die at its fall, and every night in the presence of our patrons we write our new creation, and every night is blotted out forever; and of what use is it to say to audience or critic...Ah, but you should have seen me last Tuesday!"

Last Tuesday I was almost superhuman.

Yes, just like that, only a teeniest bit more feminine, if I'm honest. I had the longest and most arduous day imaginable and managed to carry it off with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

Today, I just feel ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC, for no very good reason.

Believe me, not as much as I do. But you should've seen me last Tuesday.