Thursday, 12 January 2012

Life is like an analogy

What a meaningless statement that is, Aaron Allston, whoever you are. I will do you the honour of finding out.

(He is, in fact, a writer of science fiction, fantasy novels and short stories, as well as meaningless statements, and a designer of role-playing games.)

Life is like an analogy? That's a simile! Life is like an analogy between what and what? Well, I'm none the wiser about life now and I blame Aaron Allston.

Here's the iceberg analogy, used to illustrate Freud's structure of the human mind. This I DO understand.

Thoughts about analogies occurred to me as a result of reading a great autobiography. Spilling the beans, by Clarissa Dickson Wright, celebrity chef and TV personality.

She has a troubled roller-coaster existence and is a recovering alcoholic. She used a brilliant analogy for her life (see, it IS possible, Aaron Allston) which really resonates with me and will stay with me forever. Forever until I forget it, at least.

She said that her life was like having ten paint pots but only nine lids so she had to keep moving them round in order to stop spilling stuff.

I so completely understand!

Perhaps I'll send a link to poor benighted Aaron Allston? It might help him.