Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My alarm thinks I'm psychic

A very long day today.

A very early start. A very late finish. I've hired a van, loaded it up with furniture and carpets and am driving the four hours to Sheffield to move my sister into her new sheltered accommodation. On the first floor. No lift. Then the drive home.

(This explains my concerns over the past few days about getting enough sleep. I was wanting to build my reserves up for today.)

All this adds up to - short blog.

My alarm. I've taken to using my iPad for this. I downloaded an app called Best Alarm and it has been working very well.

HOWEVER. The last couple of days, for some reason best known to techie gremlins, because I SWEAR I've not changed any settings...the alarm has not been going off. Luckily, I have an internal alarm anyway. So, I lift the lid of my iPad and there on the screen is a very polite message:

Isn't that just perfect?

It might not be very effective but at least it makes me start the day with a smile on my face.