Sunday, 22 January 2012

Just a perfect day

Drink sangria in the park...

No, I didn't drink any sangria but here was my yesterday - in pictures.

To the yard at 7, feeding and turning out all the horses and sweep-sweep-sweeping.

A long ride on Ashdown Forest on a well-behaved Poppy.

Down to Brighton - ran 4 miles straight and it was MUCH better - no searing pain anywhere (much!) and I felt good afterwards.

Home to a soaky bath with rose petal bath bomb (oh, and some water too)

 (No, this is NOT a picture of two scoops of ice-cream)

Started reading 'The hare with amber eyes'

Had a sleep.(Nothing to do with the book being boring because it wasn't AT ALL)

Out to dinner with Peter at Phish Bistro.

On to the cinema to see 'The Artist'

A great (but not the greatest) film - fascinating to see a silent movie, so very cleverly made, such wonderful facial acting!

And a very well-trained dog...

Home to a less well-trained but much more adorable dog.

And so to bed.

Oh dear, no writing. But everyone needs a holiday.