Saturday, 21 January 2012

All things Brighton beautiful

Brighton's about 15 miles or so from where I live.

It's funny living so close to one of the top English tourist resorts. It's not a tourist resort to me. It's...just one of the places where I go shopping for clothes, hardly glance at the sea, avoid like the plague in the summer months...

...and moan bitterly about the price of car parking, which is EXTORTIONATE! (I'm not even sure those are current)

Samuel Johnson said this about Brighton: "...if one had a mind to hang one's self for desperation at being obliged to live there, it would be difficult to find a tree on which to fasten the rope." (perhaps he was overcharged for parking his carriage?)

Come on, Samuel! It's not THAT bad.

Today, I'm going to run right along the front for lots of miles, marathon training. I'm very fed up with hills. Hills are painful.

If I keep moving, the traffic wardens won't get me...