Sunday, 15 January 2012

Caroline Coxon's Amazing Cunning Plan©

I'm very forgetful, you see.

Actually, not so much about people but about carrying out those annoying mundane tasks that need to be done. Sometime.

Perhaps it's not so much that I'm forgetful but that I am frightfully clever at suppressing things that I can't be bothered with (but Still Have To Be Done.) After all, I never forget to do things that I enjoy doing, like going to the yard to see to the horses, writing this blog, checking my e-mails...

I must put something different on my cereal in the morning.

So - the Cunning Plan© is THIS.

I have designated one day a month, arbitarily the 14th, as Doing Boring Jobs Day. 

On the 14th of every month, I will:
  • back up my computer
  • defrost the fridge
  • check the oil in my car
  • invoice my clients
  • clear out my In-Box and Desktop
...and anything else I can dredge from the depths of my mind that I've managed to suppress even more successfully than those tasks.

All I have to