Saturday, 5 February 2011

Where's the good in goodbye?

Someone called Meredith Willson said that first. So don't go thinking I'm a genius.

Flying home today.The end of the holidays. Now THERE'S a time of mixed emotions.

The sad bit. Saying goodbye to Laurie and Irene who are such a lovely couple. Laurie has GROWN in the last few months - not height-wise (although I never actually measured him) but as a person. The result of his new job. hosting a group of nineteen wannabe ski/snowboard instructors for the last 10 weeks (I think) who possessed between them, it seems, a broad spectrum of psycho-social disorders. Not funny to deal with but a great learning curve in dealing with humanity with good grace.

Sad too, to say goodbye to Canada and the snow and log cabins and bacon, pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast (don't tell my nutritionist - she'd be aghast to learn I was eating snow and log cabins)

BUT...can't wait to see the dogs and horses. CAN'T WAIT. And I'm full of enthusiasm to continue my work promoting QuirkyTales and Sleepytime Tales and, oh, I have such a busy week next week - to London all day Tuesday, to the CommonwealthWar Graves Commission all day Thursday.

I want the feeling to last!