Thursday, 10 February 2011

This writing business. Pencils and whatnot. Overrated, if you ask me.

Winnie The Pooh was a bright chap!

Today's self-indulgence concerns my screenplay writing and films. I'm secretly hoping Peter might read this (and yesterday's - and tomorrow's which will be about my 'day job' writing) and think to himself "My, what a busy and fulfilled and sought-after person Caroline is. And here's me thinking she spends all day on Facebook!"

Or writing blogs.

Here is ANOTHER list!

1. Damage, the drama about domestic violence which I was commissioned to write, for which I wrote additional scenes since the cast/crew screening, is to premiere on February 28th. I will be there on the red carpet (tile)!

2. An Alan Bennett-style monologue I wrote a while back and which was in the finals of a theatre contest in 2009,  has been picked up by a producer who wants to pitch it as the first in a TV series. I have had to extend it to 30 minutes! I'm waiting for feedback. Gulp. Very exciting though.

3. A Manhattan-based actor/director wants me to write a 10-minute screenplay for him (set in a rainforest?) to showcase his talents.

4. I'm moderator of a wonderful screenplay writers' website (American-based) called MoviePoet. It's where I learned my craft. It's a wonderful community and I love to contribute there.

5. Just A Moment, a short drama, will be completed later this year.

6. I have a number of scripts with production companies, awaiting funding - notably Headcleaner, and 'Tis The Season. Mermaid-Like Awhile is on the slate of a British director who has just moved to Australia.

Then there are the feature-lengths I've promised myself I'll revise...

If only I didn't need sleep.