Monday, 28 February 2011

I remember all too well...

 "...the premiere of Ecstasy when I watched my bare bottom bounce across the screen and my mother and father sat there in shock."

No, that's not me and Alfie up at the yard. I usually wear more clothes - although thinking about it, it might make sense to wear LESS clothes then I wouldn't have so much washing to do. But then again, I might get frostbite...decisions, decisions.

It is in fact Hedy Lamarr, in a film called Ecstasy (1933) The opening paragraph is her description of the premiere.

It's the premiere of Damage tonight.

As the screenplay writer, my memories of this auspicious evening won't be as embarrassing as Hedy Lamarr's. At least, not for the same reasons.

Wish me luck when the credits roll...