Friday, 4 February 2011

For those of you viewing in black and white, that doesn't have to mean grey

Yesterday I thought it would be great to have a rest day, stay indoors, do nothing but read and write and chill out - or rather, NOT chill out because it's cosy warm in the chalet. I thought wrong. I need to be outdoors. I need fresh air like I need oxygen. (Ha!)

In the afternoon, when I thought I might suffocate, I went for a walk round Alta Vista Lake (not all the way round because that would be silly) The lake is frozen. The lake has tracks and footprints all over it. I stayed on solid ground.

White bright snow and a Quink black labrador. He was surely a reincarnation. The same lean. lithe body and the same unquenchable desire to fetch sticks and catch balls - in this case snowballs. Again and again...and again some more. It made me sad and happy simultaneously. This was Quink in labrador heaven.

In the evening, to see 'Black Swan' at Whistler cinema where THEY DON'T SELL ICE-CREAM.

"Oh, we did sell it about three years ago," the girl said, as though we were so completely outdated as to be beneath contempt.

I can hardly talk about the film because it was too close to the bone for me.What a stunningly beautiful, unnerving, terrifying re-creation of a hallucinogenic spiralling descent into insanity. Natalie Portman was out of this world. The limited colour palette, each colour with its own symbolic role...simply a masterpiece.

One of those films.

That's the black and the white.

Today it MIGHT be grey. It's been raining. Is it ALLOWED to rain in a ski resort? I don't think so.