Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It's a mug's game

I'm getting a complex about the mugs people buy me. Seriously.

(No, not seriously, really)

It's the thought that counts. But the thought behind these purchases says rather too much about me. Or how I appear to others. Or the part of me that I ALLOW to appear to others.


 So, I keep on forgetting PIN numbers and finding my car keys in the fridge.

Then there's the mug that says 'Dizzy Dreamer' - but I rather like that idea.  It goes with my blue-streaked curly hair.

Then there's the mug that says 'Domestic Goddess In Disguise.' What does he mean 'IN DISGUISE?'

(What he means is that I don't notice cobwebs and I talk politely to spiders rather than suck them up the vacuum cleaner nozzle to a horrible death in a Dyson dust cyclone.)

ONE DAY, someone will buy me a mug which says...actually, I'm not sure what I want this putative mug to say.

In the meantime, I'd settle for a De Morgan hare mug.

...because I have a sort of hare obsession. And that was long before I read 'His Dark Materials' and came across Hester, Lee Scoresby's daemon. My daemon is FOR SURE a hare.

And before you even think it - this has NO relevance to me being in any way as mad as a March hare.