Friday, 11 February 2011

All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.

Blimey! Aristotle said that and he died in 322 BC. I expect he had some sort of employment in a philosophy call centre or something.

See, I consider myself lucky because my job(s) for sure absorb my mind but they don't degrade it. At least, not that I've noticed (but if my mind was degraded, then I wouldn't notice, would I? Duh!)

I've been education consultant for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission since 2003. I'm responsible for producing all their material for schools - mainly web-based but also CD ROMs which tell the stories of servicemen (must do a story about a WOMAN!) killed in the First and Second World Wars. It's great work. Humbling and moving and I've been privileged to meet some wonderful people.

Here's something I'm particularly proud of - working with Sliced Bread Animation - to create an interactive website about football in times of war.

Here's the link!

My other job is with The Cambian Group -  "The UK's largest provider of specialist services in education, mental health and learning disabilities"

It's equally fascinating. My grand-sounding job title there is 'Insight Editor, Specialist Services in Mental Health.'

Apart from writing web and publicity material for them, I research and write articles for their magazine, Insight. For this, I travel the country, visiting their hospitals for psychiatric rehabiliation, talking to staff and to patients. It's endlessly interesting and varied.

I'm constantly challenged and stimulated and inspired.

I love my life!