Sunday, 27 February 2011

True Grit

Yes, that's what I needed to sit through this wonderful film surrounded by OTHERS...

I think I'm going to hire Rooster Cogburn to shoot the people who think it's Very Good Entertainment to wade their way through containers of popcorn as big as a four-person jacuzzi. (The smell! The noise!)

Murder was actually committed in Latvia for the same reason during a screening of Black Swan. I laughed hollowly and felt true empathy.

Do you see the tagline on the movie poster? "Punishment comes one way or another."

Well, here is Rooster Cogburn in Row B of The Picture House in Uckfield taking aim.

KABOOM - that's for the people eating popcorn.

KABOOM - that's for the people rustling sweet papers

KABOOM - that's for people fidgeting in my peripheral field of vision

Intolerant? Moi?