Monday, 7 February 2011

"I refer to jet lag as 'jet-psychosis..."

...there's an old saying that the spirit cannot move faster than a camel." (Spalding Grey)

Well, my spirit certainly didn't. Serves me right for being over-confident. I slept for about 5 hours on the plane. We got home about 2 p.m. and I stayed up until after 10, doing all the unpacking and all the washing and thinking, 'this is a BREEZE!' Jet lag? Pah!

Then I went to bed.

I was still awake at 4.45. I even listened to the whole of the Superbowl to relieve the boredom of the wakefulness. It didn't.

So here I am, starting work which was so full of good intentions and excitement, on less than two hours sleep.

Not that I'm complaining (much)

Animal update:

Last night - Caroline 1 - Mice 0. (He was a whopper too)

Roly and Moose were happy to have us home (I think, but they didn't say much)

Poppy has had a cough and was tossing her mane in an 'am I bovvered?' kind of way when I flung my loving arms round her neck.

Alfie was...Alfie. I was glad I hadn't forgotten ENTIRELY how to ride when he decided to spin round on the road and gallop off in a homewards direction.

To work, to work...