Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lame excuses...

Personally, I find it quite weird how my life and the life of my horses, particularly Poppy, are inextricably linked.

Someone summon Mulder and Scully because this should be on X-Files. (Horrors, I nearly wrote X-Factor by mistake. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!)

Poppy hasn't been 100% for quite a while what with a damaged tendon then a hoof abscess. I haven't been 100% for quite a while (which has nothing to do with my legs or toenails)

This week, Poppy was super-fit. We had a lesson for the first time in ages and I took her on a slightly longer hack than usual - being careful not to over-stretch her. She was full of energy and positively FLYING. So was I - getting on very well with the novel and the screenplay and marketing on top of my day job. Soaring, I was!

Today, my brain feels sluggish as though it's only working at about three-quarters capacity. Still, fresh air is always (nearly always) my answer, so off up to the yard I go.

Poppy is lame!

Her right hind...SHE is only working at three-quarters capacity. She's now in a box waiting for the farrier to see if she has another abscess.

Do you think the farrier would look at my brain at the same time?