Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I've got a little list!

I'm leaning slightly to the left.

Only joking. Not THAT sort of list.

I have several lists, actually, though I hardly like to admit it here because it's meant to be a very primitive means of self-management. Who cares, if it works for me?

The thing is, I have multiple projects going on at once. If anyone asks me what I'm working on at the moment, my mind goes into freefall and I can't think of anything at all so I sound as if I'm frittering away my existence, I'm going to put down in black and white one area of my work:

Writing for children!

1. Sleepytime Tales - Earth Baby is available to download here and will shortly be made into a greetings card with CD insert. Earth Baby will feature in a parenting magazine called ABC -  here - along with an article I've written about babies' bedtimes. The second Sleepytime Tale (Birthday Baby) is written ready to record.

2. Quirky TalesThe Mysterious Disappearing Flower and The Great Wheelie Bin Robbery are available to download here 

Tracey, my trusty right-hand woman (I think she's right-handed, anyway!) has been working hard on marketing opportunities for Sleepytime and Quirky Tales while I've been away and today is the day to START!

3. Help Your Child With Literacy (for 3-7, or for 7-11 year olds) can be bought from Continuum Books

4. Milo Saves The Circus - is to be released as an iPad/iPhone app - latest date, end of February. Production blog

5. Curly Caroline Stamps Her Feet - a picture book for little children - is currently lurking at The Andersen Press, so everyone keep fingers crossed for good news there.

6. Of Night and Light - a teen screenplay I wrote and which did well in the MoviePoet feature length contest (came second, if you must know!) should be top of my list, because I'm going to write a novel version. Very soon.

Errrm - I think that's it.

Writing lists is a great way of NOT writing block-busting novels...