Monday, 21 February 2011

There are two kinds of people, those who finish what they start and so on

Robert Byrne, author and champion billiard player said this. Author and champion billiard player? That's quite natty as descriptions go. I'll have to think of something similar for myself now that I'm an AUTHOR who has started her NOVEL.

See, I even have the picture to prove it. Well, prove SOMETHING anyway. I like to write behind a gingham-checked gauze curtain.

I say started...

I looked up, on the trusty interweb, 'How To Format A Novel.'  (Surely there must be a program for novel writers like Final Draft for screenplay-writers that I can purchase at vast expense and only use about 3% of its amazing facilities?)

It took a while to set up Microsoft Word with all the correct margins and font and so on. And what IS 'widow/orphan control'? It sounds quite Dickensian to me.

Then I constructed my title page.

Then I looked at another website, also, coincidentally, called 'How To Format A Novel' and it didn't say the same things AT ALL.

I decided I had written quite enough of the novel for one day.

 Caroline Coxon, author and champion suggestible-surfer-of-the-internet?