Sunday, 28 August 2011

Your Screenplay is Not Your Baby

"Never refer to your script as "my baby". If you're guilty of this offence, clearly we know that you're passionate about your story, which is good. But it also makes your ability to be objective with the material suspect. And you must be objective."

So, explain to me why it is that today I'm clearly suffering from post-natal depression?

No, I am NOT clutching the script to my breast. That would simply be SICK.

I am however, deep in a Slough Of Despond that lunch round at my neighbours' house - a very delicious lunch, plus, I think, four glasses of Chardonnay and an Amaretto - thank goodness I only had to crawl twenty yards up the drive - has failed to disperse, dissipate or whatever the right word is, I haven't a clue.

My thoughts and fears, only these:

My screenplay is a load of rubbish.

Perhaps, tomorrow I might see differently?