Thursday, 18 August 2011

Horses are only human...

Yep, they have pretty much the same moods, fears and behaviours as we do (although I have yet to gallop down the road when I see a plastic bag in a hedge)

Today, Poppy took on ALL my stubborn, procrastinatory, (Is that a word? It is now!) 'Am I bovvered? Duh! Whatever!' characteristics in our riding lesson.

Here is HER list of excuses, only she called them reasons:

1. It was a bit windy
2. There was a dangerous-looking white plastic bucket by the fence.
3. I had my flu jab on Monday so I should be resting.
4. Someone was emptying a wheelbarrow on the muck heap.
5. Another mare was in the school getting too close to my boyfriend.
6. I had a bit of a cough and everyone ignored it.

I shall bolt and side-step and buck and refuse to go forward when I'm asked.


And THEN when Caroline is completely exhausted and red in the face with the effort and gets off my back, I shall gallop away and have a good laugh about it with my girlfriends.

You know that thing about dog-owners resembling their dogs?

How about horses resembling their owners?

P.S. Writing update: I was almost pleased.