Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bad news goes about in clogs, good news in stockinged feet.

A Welsh proverb.

Strangely fitting, as you'll see.

Clogs are certainly strangely fitting. Mostly excruciatingly uncomfortable. However, at the moment with my poor injured heel, they are the ONLY footwear that is at all comfortable because my feet can't bend in them.

I went to see a sports injury expert last night, sick of hobbling about like an old crone when in my heart I'm Usain Bolt. Older. Female. Shorter. Paler. Slower. But still Usain Bolt in my heart.

The bad news in clogs - I have acute tendonitis, caused because when I walk and run I put ALL the weight down on the heel of my right foot so the poor thing has been pounded to kingdom come.

The good news in stockinged feet - actually, NOT wearing shoes when possible will help a lot! Also, a bespoke orthotic device will fix my peculiar gait, if not the bank balance.

My running career isn't over before it began!

Watch out, Usain...