Monday, 15 August 2011

Welcome to my world!

Picture by Bam11 Skateboard (What were Mr. and Mrs. Skateboard thinking of, calling their son Bam11?)

My world, by the way, isn't bleak and Goth. I just happened to like the image.

I'm saying welcome to all the people across the world who read my blog. The Blogger function is extraordinarily clever when it comes to stats. (Not that I'm obsessed by stats, of course. Why, I only check them about fifty times a day.)

What interests me is the stat function 'Audience.' It tells me the location of each of my blog viewers. I find it endlessly fascinating.

For many of the countries, I can work out pretty much who it is - my brother in Spain, Rusty in India, Breanna and Jamie in Canada, Jan in the Dominican Republic, Irene's family in Australia and so on...

But there are countries listed there that amaze and excite. Not just ONE view but regular views. I'd love to chat to everyone. If you're willing, please make yourself known to me.

Here's the list: Kenya, Egypt, The Philippines, Latvia, Ukraine, Puerto Rica, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, New Zealand, South Korea, Denmark, Portugal, Trinidad and Tobago, Belgium, Indonesia, China, Venezuela, Germany, Kuwait, Uruguay, Singapore, Malaysia, Algeria,Turkey, South Africa, Thailand, Mexico, Jordan, Serbia, Argentina, France, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Chile, Mauritius...

(Much later - the list grows every day. I've now started a separate page here which is kept updated, if you're interested)

Rather annoyingly, the countries listed at any one time are only the top ten, visit wise, so there may be others. The list changes on a daily basis.

All you people out there make me very happy!

P.S. Feature writing update. Page 76½. I'm not proud of that. Must do better.