Wednesday, 24 August 2011

No-one is as deaf as the person who will not listen.

I was thinking...

For a writer, I don't read enough. Somehow, sometimes, wrestling with words all day - researching, writing, editing, reviewing, proof-reading - means that by the time I crawl into bed, the thought of looking at MORE words in a book is the last thing on my mind.

(Just to clear one thing up very quickly - what IS on my mind is sleep!)

Not reading somehow seems wrong. If I think about it, I'm a traitor to my chosen profession, my passion.

By way of mitigation (maybe)...

I still BUY books. You know, those things made of paper, with lots of pages.

As opposed to those sterile, lifeless things one can download onto one's eBook reader in less than three seconds. If one should ever want to do this.

AND, I listen to books on the radio - BBC Radio 4 Extra. Does that count?

At the moment, it's my total delight, every morning at 6.30, to hear Michael Jayston reading Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! (Yes, three times wonderful!)

So perhaps I don't feel quite so bad about myself after all...