Tuesday, 2 August 2011

“The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B.”

...says James Yorke, distinguished professor of Mathematics at the University of Maryland.

(see, my blogs are full of useful information, if nothing else)

And yes, he DOES have a beard, but I won't bore you with a photograph of him. Think 'distinguished professor of Mathematics'...

My question is...are you even MORE successful when you're already on to Plan 347B?

Myself, I think it's an indication of a fickle mind. Yes, I get the prize for perseverance in the long term but my plans about how to achieve my ambitions change ALL THE TIME. How would it be if I actually STUCK to Plan 347B?

This is Plan 347B:

Usually, because I'm a virtuous goody-two-shoes - honestly! - when I sit down at the computer (once I've written my blog) I WORK. And when I've done enough work so I don't feel guilty about deadlines and actually earning some money, I start on my own writing.

THUS, by the time I do that - usually late afternoon - my brain is shot to ribbons.

Creativity is dead.

So, yesterday, I did it the other way round. I told myself 'I will write my screenplay for an hour THEN I will work.' So I did. And it WAS fun. And three whole pages flowed from my brain. And work is a bit more mechanical than creative writing so it didn't matter that my brain was less energetic.

And for Plan 348B...

(only joking)