Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sickness comes on horseback but departs on foot

Image by Gillian McCormick.

Proverb by someone Dutch.

I'm not one to moan but there's always a first time for everything...and I know I undertook to finish my screenplay by NOW.

Remember, I have TWO horses. On Wednesday, they brought sickness. I have been battling on, uncomplaining, like the martyr I am (not)...but swimmy head, earache, swollen glands in neck, sore throat, nausea and fever are NOT conducive to endless hours of writing a screenplay.

In fact, here is a picture of me in my bed of sickness, painted by Vasiliy Polenov (1844-1927) - he could see into the future.

This is not an excuse, it's an EXPLANATION!

HOWEVER, Pete has gone sailing today; I've dosed myself up with Extra Strong Anti-Procrastination Medicine; I've put on my Efficient Music - Bach Violin Concertos, always - and I'm ready to go.

More later.