Sunday, 7 August 2011

A smile confuses an approaching frown.

I was feeling a bit droopy today - despite a lovely pre-birthday breakfast with some girlfriends and a sunshine and showery ride out with BOTH my horses.


(I don't want to spoil any fantasies but, truth to be told, Joanna rode Alfie and I rode Poppy!)

Still feeling droopy - then got home to find that Alfie had been online and created his own Facebook page.

He studied at the University of Horses, apparently, and has just added Eating to his activities. Oh, and the theme to Black Beauty is his favourite music.

How could I POSSIBLY stay feeling droopy with such a talented horse in the family?

I've sent a friend request but he hasn't responded yet. Strangely, he IS friends with Ian Mackay, who's only met him once...yet Alfie states quite clearly that he's interested in women. What am I to think?

Search for him under Alfie De-Horse if you don't believe me.