Monday, 24 September 2012

"We are bemused and crazed creatures, strangers to our true selves, to one another, and to the spiritual and material world --"

"-- mad, even, from an ideal standpoint we can glimpse but not adopt."

The irony of it all does not escape me! I look for a quote about being bemused and the quote I find, courtesy of R.D. Laing, has me feeling more bemused than ever.

(R.D. Laing - British psychiatrist noted for his alternative approach to the treatment of schizophrenia - and for making me feel more bemused on Monday mornings)

My original bemusement was caused by the fact that, for a full hour, I hadn't felt any pain. I'm not wishing to dwell on my health, which I'm sure has become very tedious for everyone, not least me...

...HOWEVER, my body was saying to my brain, 'Something's up, mate! I'm not used to feeling like this. It is WEIRD.' and it took my brain quite a long time to catch up. (How quickly one becomes accustomed to a certain state of affairs...)

It wasn't until the pain came back, just to remind me how it's been for the last eleven days, that I realised...

More irony...

 Most people, when they're ill, can't go to work. Instead they sit down. My work IS sitting down (writing at the computer)  I can't do that. Instead, I walk about.