Wednesday, 19 September 2012

“The best way to keep young is to keep going in whatever it is that keeps you going. With me that's work, and a lot of it. And when a job is finished, relax and have fun.”

Mostly, Ingrid Begrman, mostly.

It's what I do. Not with the idea of keeping young but of keeping alive and always curious and learning, expanding my world not shrinking it. That and sheer bloody-mindedness. I will NOT be defeated. I will NOT show signs of weakness.

It's what had me run the marathon with a cracked rib and both ankles trussed up like Christmas turkeys to stop the pain of tendonitis - and run it with a smile on my face.

But the last few days, I've been in such pain that I couldn't. And even when I tried to rest, the pain didn't go away, not one iota. No amount of painkillers touched it. No way I stood, sat, lay down, moved afforded any relief.

My body, finally, defeated my spirit.


Today, my body is, she says hesitantly, feeling a little better. A little better and slightly smug to have succeeded in conquering my will to persevere against the odds.

Like a contrite child, I've learned a lesson.

Keeping going is not ALWAYS the best thing to do.