Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I speak two languages, Body and English.

Listen, I don't know who said it first! In years to come, because I've used it as a blog title, it could be attributed to me. Think of that!

Anyway - your choices today are:

Mae West, actress, playwright, screenwriter and sex symbol - died 1980, and Jarod Kintz, author -  born1982 in Salt Lake City. I favour Mae West - because Jarod Kintz altered his version to 'I know two languages...' (sneaky!)

Back to body language.

I was riding Poppy in the field today. She didn't want to go forward. I wanted her to go forward but I didn't want her to go forward too much because then she gets over-excited and bucks and bolts. And that's quite scary. And I don't want to die.

I was CONVINCED my body language wasn't transmitting to Poppy that I was telling her to go (but not really)

Poppy's ears were like this:

My ears aren't that expressive.

I was CONVINCED that I was saying to Poppy 'No, I'm NOT scared. You go forward as fast as you like and I'll be able to cope.' Then I became aware that I wasn't actually breathing very often...

I'm thinking that I'm like this with a project - urging it on when it seems reluctant, but, in reality (and in denial about it) scared to death that it really will take off.

I'll have to get a few lessons in Body from Poppy, that's all...