Friday, 7 September 2012

Multi-tasking: Screwing everything up simultaneously

That's me, Queen of Multi-tasking, the Queen of Screwing Everything Up Simultaneously.

I saw a book title today, when searching for quotes about multi-tasking. It was called "A.D.D. Workplace: How to Survive Your Attention-deficit Office Environment - winning strategies for success in our attention-deficit world." May be good, may be rubbish. It was just the title that caught my eye.

(I'm not for a minute, by the way, suggesting I have Attention-deficit Disorder, which is a very real and challenging condition)

HOWEVER, my life seems to be entirely composed of rushing from one thing to the next. I have everything scheduled so that's SORT OF being organised, but it doesn't occur to me as being organised because of the sense of rushing.

 The sense of rushing = the possibility of making mistakes.

The sense of rushing is what must change, because it's playing havoc with my mind. I CAN get everything done, I HAVE got time - even though I'm very busy and - yes - multi-tasking most of the time. It's the sense of rushing that makes me do things like THIS:

Earlier, I was helping my dear girlie friend, Joanna, who's getting married tomorrow, by taking straw bales in a trailer to the wedding reception venue - for rustic seating. I've only once pulled a trailer. We carefully planned the route so I WOULD NEVER HAVE TO REVERSE.

We got there fine, we unloaded the hay bales fine. My mind was full of rush, rush, rush - on with the next job...

THEN...I realised we had unloaded the haybales and stacked them right in front of Olive Oyl, my trusty Freelander, SO I'd have to reverse the trailer in order to get out of the field!