Monday, 13 August 2012

"What I really fear is time."

"That's the devil: whipping us on when we'd rather loll, so the present sprints by, impossible to grasp, and all is suddenly past, a past that won't hold still..."

That comes from Tom Rachman's The Imperfectionists - hmmmm, yes. An appropriate title for my current state of mind, beset by self-doubt.

Well, I DID IT! I worked for six whole hours yesterday (a Sunday!) and finished all my work so that today I could be free, FREE!

And today?  I have TIME. Scary.

No more excuses. Nothing to hide behind. No work deadlines to blame for not cracking on with the screenplay.

Crazy, crazy woman! I fear time when it's rushing by and I'm not getting things done. NOW I fear time because I have some, a whole week of it...

I'm actually creating things to do to fill the yawning space. So I won't have time anymore...


Day 12 Update
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