Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Safe, I decided, didn't leave much room for fun.

From North of Beautiful by Justine Chen Headley. (Haven't read it yet, but lots of good reviews)

This cat is no fun, he just lies in the sun...

By Fesseldreg
 I could've done that yesterday. When it wasn't raining. It would have been safer than writing.

But not nearly as much fun.

These past few weeks have been a revelation to me. I have given myself the gift of time to write and rediscovered the joy and the fun.

Here's what J.K. Rowling says (and, NO, Peter, I am STILL not going to be the next J.K.Rowling. I'm going to be the first and only C.A.Coxon.)

"The funny thing is that, although writing has been my actual job for several years now, I still seem to have to fight for time in which to do it. Some people do not seem to grasp that I still have to sit down in peace and write the books, apparently believing that they pop up like mushrooms without my connivance. I must therefore guard the time allotted to writing as a Hungarian Horntail guards its firstborn egg."

I'll try to remember that.

Day 27 Update
5 new pages and lots of additions to accommodate a slight change in direction

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