Saturday, 25 August 2012

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.

Phew! THAT made me feel better to read that, Leonard Bernstein.

 ...but don't you know it's rude to point? (Except, perhaps, if you're the conductor of a symphony orchestra)

Today, my mind's having a battle with itself.

One half is in panic mode - all breathless and saying 'You've got too much to do. You'll never get it done. Don't go to London for the meeting with the film producer. You haven't the time.'

The other half is saying 'Don't be so ridiculous. What are you making such a song and dance about? You think you have too much to do? I'll show you someone who REALLY has too much to do. You can do it. All. You'll regret it forever if you skip that meeting.'

I'm not quite sure which half is winning. It goes one way, it goes the other...

So THANK YOU, Leonard Bernstein. I have a plan. I have not quite enough time.

The rest is up to me.

Day 24 Update
Oh dear. Only 1½ pages...and today it'll probably be even less.