Monday, 27 August 2012

A stale mind is the devil's breadbox

Perhaps it's because I'm not Professor Mary Bly, B.A., Harvard College; M.Phil., Oxford University; Ph.D., Yale University?

Or perhaps it's because my mind is so stale? 

But I don't understand this metaphor. Quite.

Sarah Graham
I suppose it means something like...a stale mind allows easy access to malign thoughts.

I have to tell you that yesterday my mind started off dangerously stale but became fresher as the day went on.

Don't ask me why, or how. It just did.

New writing strategy for the day: If you can't write the next scene then forget it and write the scene after that.

(Somewhere, I shall have to accumulate all my strategies. Who knows? My Iced Currant Bun Method could become famous!)

This feature-length screenplay writing lark is SO very similar to running a marathon, for me. In marathon running, some people hit the wall at about 20 miles...

Ralph Steadman (Of course! Who else could it be?)
  ...whereas for me, once I get to a certain point - around 16 miles - I KNOW I can finish. It's the mid period - say 9 to 16 miles that I find toughest - so many miles to go.

I reckon I'm at around 20 miles now, on the homeward stretch but still with a few miles to go - but the end is in sight. The medal. The space blanket. The elation...

Day 26 Update
6 pages and going steadily