Friday, 3 August 2012

Screenplay writing: How to end not starting - as if by magic

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to British Telecom for providing such an appalling service yesterday.

My phoneline went dead at about 10 in the morning...

No phoneline, no internet.

I spent quite a time unplugging things and plugging them in again and watching little lights flashing on the Home Hub when they shouldn't have been flashing and trying not to bother Peter at work because surely A Woman Such As Myself should be able to deal with a simple techie problem like this?


Do I need the internet to write a screenplay? No, I do not.

Usually, I use the internet a lot when I'm writing (yes, I know it's sad and ridiculous!) It's when I include facts and details. I feel the need to check that they're accurate before I carry on with the next bit. So I stop writing and consult Mr. Google. I do the same if I can't find The Perfect Word.

Yesterday, with steely determination and a stiff upper lip, whenever I got to a bit like that I put in the words BLAH BLAH BLAH and carried on.

(I am now thinking that I'll submit the completed work without having found all those places and people will think I've gone mad. Or madder.)

Doing that seemed to work...

Day 2 Update
I wrote 5½ new pages and sorted out a lot of things in my head.

So yes, thank you British Telecom. You may well beam proudly.