Sunday, 5 August 2012

Screenplay writing: The widow's mite page.

Mite not as in small arthropod but as in tiny bronze coin. And certainly not as in the textese spelling of might.

In the bible story, (I'm not a COMPLETE heathen, you see) a widow donates two small coins to the temple treasury while wealthy people donate huge amounts that look impressive but that they can easily afford. For someone to give so generously when she has so little means so much more...

Or something like that.

SO here's me after yesterday with my vague mutterings about having great excuses for not writing. Here's me and the promised wriggling.

I had lots to do in the house and I also had a 60th birthday party to go to from early evening onwards (which was WONDERFUL) but mainly, I felt really unwell - REALLY. Not the sort of unwell you feel when you don't want to something.


Day 4 Update
I wrote 1 new page and also nailed some more plot points.

"Only one page?" you cry, aghast.

Let me tell you, that one page was momentous. Defied the predictable. Kept up the momentum. Took something even to start. I was pleased.

A widow's mite page.

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