Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real

Ha! You thought this was me ignoring the fact that yesterday I started on a screenplay writing regime designed to meet a deadline...and vowed to update you on (lack of) progress.

Fear is a factor in all this, believe me.

Until yesterday, I hadn't even dared look at the first ten pages of my screenplay, written so long ago. Here is what I had concluded:
  1. The script was a load of rubbish
  2. I wasn't even interested in it anymore
  3. I couldn't even begin to think how to continue it
  4. Why did I ever imagine I could be a screenplay writer?
This was FACT. THE TRUTH. Very real in my mind.

So, yesterday, I gulped and swallowed and looked at those ten pages...It took me until after 6 p.m....

This is what I found:
  1. The script was actually pretty good
  2. I loved the characters I had created and wanted to develop them
  3. Plenty of ideas popped into my brain as soon as I started reading
  4. I AM a screenplay writer
False Evidence Appearing Real, indeed.

I have awarded myself a badge:

Day 1 Update
I didn't write 3 new pages. I DID look at the first ten pages, revise them and write1½ new pages and think about how the story will unfold. I felt pleased.