Sunday, 25 March 2012

“You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today...

They sent a letter through the post saying 'Speeding Fine.'

(With thanks to Tommy Cooper, whose joke I adapted. Although I'm sure he wouldn't notice since he died in 1984 conscience, you see.)

The incident actually took place in December - in fact, I railed about how unfair I thought it was in my blog -
Murphy's Law

In reality, it was a fair cop. I WAS speeding. (Not very much though, officer) No amount of excuses can exonerate me from the fact that I was breaking that particular law. (But not by very much, officer, honestly)

 I chose to take the fine plus Speed Awareness Course instead of the fine plus three points on my driving licence. Why? Pride. I wanted to keep my clean licence (even if only nominally)

The course took place yesterday. Yesterday was the hottest, sunniest Saturday of the year when I could have been on the beach or having a picnic. The course was four hours long. I went along feeling slightly resentful.

I came away feeling chastened, educated and, funnily enough, entertained. The facilitators were VERY good.

There were quite a few quite distressing film clips and also this one which has been seen all over the world and was made by the Sussex Safer Roads team - the very organisation responsible for my course.

 Embrace Life
Do watch it! (The link's under the picture) Thank you Sussex Safer Roads for making this and for showing me how to be a better driver.