Friday, 30 March 2012

I'm swamped!

Back here after lunch!

After lunch now...still swamped. Make that after supper!

After supper.

Not as swamped as these little guys, though. Tim, my son, found them on a dog walk, in the mud, soaking wet, shivering, mewling. He thought they were kittens until he washed and dried them and we discovered they were fox cubs (definitely abandoned.)

We took them to Kit Wilson Animal Rescue and there they golloped down lots of milk. The people said 'Are you sure there were no more? A fox litter is usually four at least.' - so Tim went back and found two more. Three boys and one girl in total! Back to animal rescue - hence a rather fractured day for me - but I'm absolutely not complaining because this was far more important.

Thank you Kit Wilson

 Great job, Tim.