Saturday, 24 March 2012

There'll always be an England...

I love the country of my birth. Mostly. The only time I'm really ashamed of it - well, not so much IT but its people - is when I'm abroad and I witness the disgusting behaviour of tourists - quite often stag parties and the like. There was one time in Prague, beside the most beautiful astronomical clock...

...when a group of drunken English louts and their obscene bevaiour made me want to renounce citizenship and crawl under the nearest rock...or start speaking Czech.

I apologise to the good people of Prague.

I was thinking how lovely it was that there was England the other day. I took my son, sister  and dog out to Duddleswell Tea Rooms on the Ashdown Forest. Real proper tea rooms with home-made scones and cakes and proper teapots and milk jugs - and leaf tea, not tea bags.

 We sat outside in the sunshine and had a Sussex Cream Tea - and Roly was given his very own plate of bone-shaped biscuits and the sign on the door said 'Dogs Welcome' and they provided water for him too.

I'd love it if there would always be an England when England is like this.