Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Game of Life

Here it is - first created in 1860 by someone called Milton Bradley.  "It was America's first popular parlour game which simulates a person's travels through his or her life, from college to retirement, with jobs, marriage, and possible children along the way, to reach "Happy Old Age."

I'm not so sure my life is as neatly laid out but I'm going to endeavour to see it as a game.

Here's the difference I've noticed between treating life as a game and...well...NOT.

The marathon looms. I am seriously undertrained - with genuine health reasons for being so (cracked rib causing breathing difficulties)  Each morning I was waking up thinking 'Oh no! (the polite version) I simply HAVE TO put some miles in. I've said I'll do the marathon and so I suppose I'll HAVE TO or I'll look so bad.' Struggle, struggle, moan, groan, exhaustion, misery.

Then - a chat with a friend doing a Landmark Education course with me called Living Passionately (not to do with THAT sort of passion, in case you were wondering - and, by the way, I'm not able to talk in detail about the course because there's a confidentiality agreement)

Anyway, Anton pointed out that it was not authentic to be thinking I HAVE TO do the marathon. I chose to do it, I could NOT do it, and why not have some fun instead? - SO, with this in mind, yesterday I set out to Brighton in the sunshine and had run/walked/sometimes hobbled 16.5 miles by the time Peter arrived in the car to collect me. I was still smiling and felt pretty good - despite a painful and now black big toenail where it was pressing against the end of my trainer. OUCH!

Part 2: NOT treating life as a game:  I determined to adopt the same cheery attitude towards the dressage competition practice this morning. I was a little tired, however, (can't THINK why!) and Poppy sensed it and took full advantage so I tensed up and began trying too hard to get her to do what I wanted her to do when I wanted her to do it and Poppy tensed up and it went appallingly badly and I ended up feeling grouchy and I'm sure Poppy did too.

 Another little life lesson NOT learned! Or rather, learned and quickly forgotten.

But now I'm ready to play again!