Monday, 12 March 2012

Dreaming about being a writer is more exciting than being one.


The quote is a misquote or rather, an adapted quote from Marilyn Monroe, who said it about being an actress.

On Wednesday, something I've been dreaming of as a writer is going to happen. A month back, I won a screenplay writing contest with the first ten pages of my feature length film The Melting 

That wasn't the dream, as such, but the prize IS a dream - A meeting at the London Film Academy with David Pope,  "the director of advance films, whose directing credits include the award winning feature film, Miles From Nowhere. As the former head of the New Producers Alliance, David knows the who’s who of the industry, and he will get your pitch up to speed so that you’re ready to be introduced to a network of contacts tailored to your project. David will help you position your screenplay for the industry and recommend to you the producers and executives who are just right for you." 

This is worth more to me than a zillion pounds (well, almost.)

I'm bursting with excitement and full of hope (as you can probably imagine) - and scared and unsure how it'll be and wondering what will happen and whether I'll mess it up and will I ask the right questions and will I give the right answers and how should I prepare? (as you can probably imagine)

It's a big chance for me.

Positive vibes please!