Saturday, 4 February 2012

Working over the weekend isn't so bad...

"...when you've got a hot cup of Earl Grey tea, a vanilla scented candle, and Melody Gardot crooning softly through the speakers."

Excuse ME, Shannon Eileen, whoever you are...may I inform you of a few things?

  1. Earl Grey tea tastes like soapy water
  2. I love to eat vanilla-flavoured anything but vanilla scent makes me HEAVE
  3. Who IS Melody Gardot anyway? (with a name like that and judging by your preference for things that are pretty sickly, I don't hold out much hope that hearing her croon will cure me of nausea)
A pause for a Google/YouTube search...

(Actually, I have to admit, Melody Gardot is a great jazz singer. If you like that sort of thing. Damn. That's spoiled my blog rant a bit.)

Working over the weekend, for me, isn't so bad when I've got a large mug of capuccino, no vanilla-scented candles within a radius of 30 miles, and Birdy singing Skinny Love over and over again. (Sorry Bon Iver fans)

(My new discovery - I'm always about a year behind everyone else.)

Oh, that and I'm loving what I do, which is writing an animation script for a pharmaceutical company, and that has given me the chance to work with Sliced Bread Animation again.

They really are the Best Thing Since...

I bet THEY don't drink Earl Grey tea.