Thursday, 23 February 2012

Perhaps it's the prosecco?

Penguin Pete injured a flipper yesterday. A large Germanic gentleman, allegedly 4 metres tall and weighing about 2000 kilos, ploughed into the side of him and knocked him flying.

Apparently, he may also have glowed in the dark.

Penguin Pete flatly refuses to wear a helmet when skiing. (He likes the feel of the wind rushing through his hair.) Now he has a nasty graze on his temple and a very, VERY swollen thumb, bent right backwards by the force of 2000 kilos of Germanic gentleman on one of his ski poles.

He also refused to go to the medical centre. In company, when any member of our group ask how he is, he replies manfully 'Oh, it's fine. Nothing really.'

Alone with me in our room...quite a different story.

Back to the prosecco. I drank some. Then I was looking for an image of a penguin with an injured flipper and look what I found:

I'm afraid to say it made me laugh. A lot.