Tuesday, 21 February 2012

“Valour is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.”

Michel de Montaigne, French philosopher,1533-1592, said this. So, I'm guessing, not many skiing holidays then.

No, he doesn't look much like a skier really, but he DOES look as though he has an awful lot of brains. He could have written the quote about valour just for me today.

Our hotel is at the top of a mountain pass. Lovely except at the end of a day's skiing when, in order to get back to it, you have to catch a lift right up the mountain then ski down The Most Horrendous Route Of Death to get to another lift that goes back to the hotel.

The Most Horrendous Route Of Death at the beginning of the day when my legs aren't tired...fine. At the end of a long day...not fine.

Not sure exactly how many times I fell over. One time, I crashed badly and slid down the hill. I couldn't stop and took out Geoffrey below me who sat on my face (and smashed my goggles) As Elliot said afterwards, in another culture that would mean we were most certainly married.

I made it down and, more remarkably, managed to do it without bursting into tears through fear, pain and exhaustion.

It really is a case of what's going on in your head more than how you're getting down the hill.

Yeah, skiing is such good fun!