Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A canter is a cure for every evil.

...a spin and a bolt - possibly not.

Benjamin Disraeli said the first bit. I said the second bit.

...and Alfie said the third bit. Only it wasn't a spider. It was a small pile of snow that he was SURE hadn't been there the last time he went down that lane (it wasn't) and that he was SURE was Highly Suspicious (it wasn't.)

So the fight or flight response kicked in and the flight won.

I have to congratulate myself rather modestly for a) staying on b) not getting off after I'd stayed on c) getting us both home in one piece. Well, two pieces. Him and me.

In his defence, it was his first ride out since the snow hit on February 5th. Evidently, snow everywhere is Acceptable, patches of snow are Very Scary.

After that, when my heart rate had subsided to something like normal, I was wondering what my natural response is to perceived danger...

...and I suppose I err on the side of being the prey rather than the hunter - I flee rather than stand my ground. Not with physical danger though, but definitely with things that trouble my mind.

So I can't be too cross with Alfie. I wasn't anyway. Alfie is a bundle of insecurities mixed up with an unstoppable single-mindedness if there's food anywhere to be had.

I'm mostly just the bundle of insecurities.

...but wave an Apple Yum Yum under my nose and watch me FIGHT for it.