Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sigh Defects

Doctor, doctor, ever since you put me on these tablets, I've been unable to release a long, deep audible breath.

Don't worry,  they have been known to cause sigh defects.

(It's the way I tell 'em!)

However, a sigh defect isn't something I can lay claim to.

Yesterday, I seemed to spend most of my day sighing. That and saying 'Never mind' and 'It doesn't matter.' Is that something that's peculiarly BRITISH? Is that something that's particularly FEMALE? Is that something that's peculiarly British AND particularly female?

I complete a tedious piece of work as instructed which takes forever and just when I've finished I'm told it wasn't necessary. So what do I say? I say, never mind.

A promise from someone to guest-blog on Quirkyworks hasn't happened and nor is it likely to. No apology. No explanation. What do I tell myself? It doesn't matter.

I give constructive feedback to a colleague because I care about the company and its standing in the world. I get no response at all. Never mind.

(Don't worry, I'll stop before everyone completely glazes over)

Well, folks. Here is some news for you.

I DO mind.

It DOES matter.