Tuesday, 22 March 2011

“A cloud cannot cast a shadow unless the sun is shining beyond it”

 All projects have setbacks and The colour of her scream just had one. The director on whom the producer had pinned his hopes is unable to commit to it (or doesn't want to!) with his own demanding schedule taking up too much of his time.

So...we must look beyond the cloud and find another director. An EVEN BETTER one and one whose heart and soul is engaged in the film because otherwise it won't be the extraordinary creation that it deserves to be.

And we will.

There's no point in wasting too much emotional energy wallowing in regrets about What Might Have Been so I for one am not even going to begin.

I tell you what made me very happy this morning. A pair of ducks has taken up residence on our fish pond and already I'm knitting little webbed bootees for babies...

N.B. Our pond is a bit bigger than this (but not much!)
There aren't even any eggs yet.

Caroline: The Eternal Optimist.