Sunday, 27 March 2011

Big Day Tomorrow!

A breakfast meeting at The Groucho Club with a film director who is 'looking forward to hearing my pitch' for The Colour Of Her Scream before he jets back to LA on Tuesday.

How cool is that? Let me tell you - it's VERY COOL.

(I wonder if they serve Weetabix?)

Yes, very cool but also stomach-churningly-angst-makingly-sleepless-nightingly WORRYING!

I have to catch a train at 05.50 a.m.

I've never been to The Groucho Club and I've never met the director

I have to be pitch perfect

I don't want to let anyone down by making a mess of it

I want to be charming and engaging and compelling without being a gibbering pile of over-talkative idiocy

I have sinusitis and a bad chest so I feel like crap

Can I do it?